Do good.
Feel good.


To help its neighbors and positively impact the community.


Causeway CARes serves various nonprofit, local and community-based organizations in Ocean County by assisting with their respective outreach efforts to help encourage their long-term sustainability and spread awareness of their cause.


Serving the local community, which has always been at the heart of the Causeway Family.

Causeway CARes 5K raises over 70K for Homelessness and Home Repair Needs in Ocean County

Change starts here.

To fulfill its mission, Causeway CARes promises to give back to the community by offering time and resources, as well as financial donations and scholarship opportunities; facilitating event sponsorships; encouraging volunteerism and social responsibility and organizing vehicle giveaways for its nonprofit and community partners through the “CauseWheels Vehicle Donation Program”.

Causeway CARes - Our History

Our history.

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